Maxxi Factory was originally established in Thailand 20 years ago. We were among the first construction companies that offered high-quality products imported from abroad. We have built an establishment that not only builds the homes of the future but also manufactures the majority of the products used in the construction process.

We believe that by keeping everything in house, we are able to control the quality of every project to ensure that it's held to the same standards as our European counterparts. Maxxi Factory has earned its recognition in the South-East Asia market for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for our clients, employees, and community.



Prefabricated Construction

This type of construction method is growing in demand every day. This is due to the planning of a project’s: design, manufacturing, time, and labor. When on-site, assembly is streamlined due to the easy workability of the lightweight prefab design being preassembled. Providing an all-weather resistant, thermal insulated, long-standing project. Maxxi Factory is your prefab partner for the future. 

Modular Bathroom Pods

The bathrooms are built in a factory setting to have continuous production without weather or environmental hazard slowing down production. Using bathroom pods lowers construction costs by reducing construction time, improving quality, and eliminating the bathroom defects list. With our expert supervision, we will ensure each sequence of work is done in the correct order with waterproofing, drainage, membranes, and other specialties. 

Construction Management

Maxxi’s management pridefully leads the way when it comes to completing your project. Our team prioritizes safety, productivity, and integrity from the planning stages to the final construction form. These values regulate your project’s time, cost, and quality








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